Regular Monthly Meeting-August 21st, 2012

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
August 21st, 2012
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd Pa

Chairman Glenn Johnston called the meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Roll call of supervisors present showed William Lawhead and Glenn Johnston present with Edward Brown being absent.

Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Code Officer Agatha Lauder-English, Solicitors James Naddeo & Linda Lewis, Zoning Hearing Board Member Nancy Yeager.

Public_Kim Finnigan-The Courier Express, Amanda Thompson-WOKW, Wendy Brian-The Progress, Mike Boal, AJ Gaeta and Don Schnare.

Comments from the audience: Mr. Gaeta was present with complaints on storm water issues and damage he felt it was causing to private property. After a lengthy discussion with the supervisors, the supervisors let him know they would look at the issue again to see if anything can be done.

William Lawhead motion to approve the minutes of the August 7th, 2012 meeting as written, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.

Engineer’s Report: None.

Police Report Chief Brooks was not present but Supervisor Lawhead gave a report. At the previous township meeting a resident complained about an issue of parking along George Rd. Supervisor Lawhead and Chief Brooks went and looked at the complaint and after reviewing recommended that both George Road and Warren Drive be marked as No Parking. Solicitor Naddeo let him know that they needed to have measurements of the section of road that will be posted No Parking in the Ordinance then they can proceed.

The Police Department is obtaining a new piece of equipment that is called a Noise Flash Device and it is recommended that they have a Policy for Use of the Device. Supervisor Lawhead gave the Solicitor the Policy to review.

Supervisor Lawhead asked for an Executive Session for a Personnel Issue at the end of the meeting.

Supervisor Lawhead reported that the Police Department is working with Clearfield Borough and the State Police to put in a Weapons Training Range in the township. There is nothing in the township zoning that would prohibit the facility from going in and it will be fenced in and used only by Police Personnel. A Certified Weapon Instructor has to be on site anytime the location is in use.

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August 21st, 2012

Solicitor’s Report: Mr. Naddeo drafted an Ordinance for a penalty provision for storm water going into the Sanitary Sewer and gave it to the supervisors for review for the next meeting.

Recreational Park Board: No Report.

Code Enforcement Officer: The Code Officer reported to the supervisors that the LERTA request from Holiday Inn Express that was requested at the previous meeting did not need to be extended to them because they are already in the KOZ area.

The Code Officer let the supervisors know that at the Planning Commission Meeting Rick Mattern announced his resignation from the Board effective immediately. William Lawhead motion to advertise the position on the Planning Commission for the unexpired term, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.

The Code Officer reported a noise complaint from a resident for Waroquier Coal starting equipment very early in the morning hours. She asked if the supervisors wanted to set hours of operation. The Chairman requested that the Code Officer contact Waroquier Coal and ask them why they are starting so early.

The Code Officer presented a Variance request from Waroquier Coal on Proud Road. William Lawhead motion to approve the Variance request from Waroquier Coal on Proud Road within 100’, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:

The open position as an alternate on the Zoning Hearing Board was advertised for a second time and the township did not receive any letters of interest. William Lawhead motion to readvertise, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.

The Secretary reported that the township received the 2013 MMO’s for the Pension Plans:

2013 MMO-Police Pension Plan: $ 144,613.00

2013 MMO-Non-Uniformed Plan: $28,539.00

The township received a request from Habitat for Humanity of Clearfield County asking the township to approve an Agreement for their King of the Mountain Bike Race scheduled for October 14th, 2012 and approve Resolution #2012-10 to authorize the chairman to sign. William Lawhead motion to approve the agreement with Habitat for Humanity of Clearfield County for their Bike Race and authorize the chairman to sign, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.

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August 21st, 2012

The Secretary asked the supervisors if they made any decisions on Township vehicles that were discussed at previous meetings. The Supervisors discussed a vehicle for the Police Department and Supervisor Lawhead presented information that he received from Tri Star for a 2011 Ford Expedition at $ 27,850.00. The Chief is to get a price to upfit the new unit with lightbar, cages, etc. Glenn Johnston motion to proceed with purchase of 2011 Ford Expedition from Tri-Star, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.

Supervisor Johnston discussed the purchase of a new truck for the Roadcrew and was informed that if they wanted to order a 2013 they would have to wait until at least January. Glenn Johnston motion to proceed with the purchase of a 2012 Dodge 5500 from Walsh Equipment for a total price of $74,509.00, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.

Supervisors Report:

William Lawhead motion to put the 2011 Chevrolet Lumina and the 1997 Ford Truck on Municibid and advertise in the local newspaper that the township would be selling the units on Municibid, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.

Supervisor Lawhead reported that the 1987 Ford Sewer Jet Truck is getting bad/old and that the Clearfield Municipal Authority is interested in purchasing a unit together but wants a use agreement with the township. The Solicitor is to contact the Municipal Authorities Solicitor regarding an agreement with them.

Supervisor Johnston presented a check in the amount of $1,000.00 for his agreed amount to pay half for the township to put down dust oil on Pifer Road. Supervisor Johnston felt with the good results from using the dust oil the program should be doubled in next years budget.

Supervisor Johnston questioned the large amount to be paid to Pennsafe Inspection Services in the amount of $221,538.91. The Secretary explained that 220,020.00 of that Invoice is for the inspection for Clearfield Area School’s Permit, which has been paid for by the School District. William Lawhead motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of $315,420.96, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.

William Lawhead motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss a personnel issue, Glenn Johnston second.

William Lawhead motion to return from Executive Session, Glenn Johnston second.

8:12 P.M.

No other business to come before the Board.

William Lawhead motion to adjourn, Glenn Johnston second.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,


Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary

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