Regular Monthly Meeting-October 16th, 2012

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
October 16th, 2012
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd Pa


Chairman Glenn Johnston called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of supervisors showed William Lawhead, Edward Brown and Glenn Johnston all present.


Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Solicitor’s James Naddeo & Linda Lewis, Zoning Board Member Nancy Yeager, Sheriff Chet Hawkins, Bill Ogden, Jamie Rudy, Dora Gillingham, Helen Gillingham, Joy L., Gary & Bonnie Fish, Kim Finnigan-The Courier Express, Amanda Thompson-WOKW,  Jeff Corcino-The Progress.


Comments from the audience: Bill Ogden asked the supervisors what shift that the Police Department is lacked in coverage. Chairman Johnston explained to him that there is not lack in coverage because the State Police respond when needed.

Mr. Hawkins asked what if the State Police cannot respond. Chairman Johnson explained that there are always times when there may be that issue, even with the township Police.

The Chairman explained again that if the supervisors advertised any lack in manpower or coverage it would become a safety issue for the township.

Mr. Ogden asked if there is a weakness or a change in response time and all three supervisors responded that to their knowledge there was no change.

Supervisor Lawhead responded that they are providing the best Police coverage that they can provide with the funds available. If there is any time that there is not a township officer available then if there is an emergency the State Police will respond.

Mr. Ogden felt that since there is a lack in coverage that there is more violence with break-ins and vandalism in the area, but he did not know if it was during a time when there was not a township Officer on duty.  Mr. Ogden asked again what shifts are not covered with the Police Department and the supervisors again responded that they would not give that information.

Jeff Corcino from The Progress asked if it takes more time for the State Police to respond then the township Police. The Chairman explained that they have not been presented with any numbers or information on times that the State Police responded in the township or how long it took them to respond. Chairman Johnston asked Mr. Ogden if he knew of a time when there was a problem with response time and an Officer not responding, and he did not know of any.

Chairman Johnston explained that the township has not done any cuts in the personnel but have not replaced any Part time or Fulltime Officers that have left the department. The budget has remained the same and they have not cut the budget for that department, but costs have accelerated with health cost, fuel, Insurance and Pensions.

Jeff Corcino asked the supervisors if they feel the protection has remained the same as it was when they had more Officers. All three Supervisors felt they have the same amount of professionalism as they had before and have the same protection that they had before.

Supervisor Brown did explain that they have authorized overtime when needed to help pick up shifts when another Officer may be off.



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October 16th, 2012


Chairman Johnston explained that the Board has a referendum on the ballot in November asking the residents if they want a 6 mill tax increase to go towards Emergency Services so they are able to hire more Officers. He also explained to the public that they are only able to use half of that towards salaries and the remained would have to be used towards possibly purchasing vehicles, equipment, Insurance or other Emergency services. Mr. Hawkins asked the supervisors why they were not out there talking to the public to encourage the residents to vote for the tax increase. Chairman Johnston let him know that he did do a radio spot that will be aired before the election in support of the tax increase.

Mr. Naddeo explained the tax and how it works and he also explained that the township is on a fixed income and with all the departments they have to make decisions on how to spread those funds throughout all the departments.

Jeff Corcino asked the supervisors if they feel that the present Police Department is adequate why are they lobbing to increase the tax. Chairman Johnston response was because the public are requesting more police. Supervisor Brown’s response was that they are looking at the future and the long term plan for the expenses.

Mr. Hawkins explained that he does not want to see the Police Department decimate and the supervisors agreed that they did not want to see that happen either.


William Lawhead motion to approve the minutes of the October 2nd, 2012 meeting as written, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


Engineer’s Report: None.


Police Report: None.


Solicitor’s Report: Mr. Naddeo reported to the supervisors that the issue with Maxwell Trucking has been resolved and he had two personnel issues that he would like to discuss in Executive Session.

Mr. Naddeo asked the supervisors to set a date for a Public Hearing for Martell because there is a Tax Map correction that was missed at the previous meeting. Edward Brown to set the date for November 20th, 2012 @ 6:45 P.M., William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


Recreational Park Board: Supervisor Lawhead reported that a representative from DCNR was here and inspected the work done at the Rec Park for the grant.


Code Officer: The Code Officer was absent and the Secretary presented the Conditional Uses from the Public Hearings.

William Lawhead motion to approve the Conditional Use for Forecon Inc. for use of Timbering in a Rural Agriculture District located off Baneyville Road, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


Edward Brown motion to table until ownership issues are resolved for the Conditional Use for Jeff Krause for use of Timbering in a Rural Agriculture District off Carbon Mine Road, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report for the month of September was submitted for the Supervisors review.




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October 16th, 2012


The Secretary reported to the supervisors that the township should be receiving the Act 13 funds soon and they are required to open a separate account for the funds. She contacted several banks in the area to get the best rate and CNB still had the highest rate at this time. Edward Brown motion to approve opening new accounts at CNB for the Act 13 Funds, Glenn Johnston second.  Motion carried.


The Secretary reported that the township only received one letter of interest from a township resident for the position on the Airport Authority which was from Paul Snyder. Glenn Johnston motion to appoint Paul Snyder to the Airport Authority. The motion died for a lack of a second. William Lawhead motion to readvertise the position, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


The Secretary presented Pay Estimate #1 from DT Construction in the amount of $58,174.20 for the Forest Drive Project. Glenn Johnston motion to approve and pay Pay Estimate #1 to DT Construction, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


The Secretary asked the supervisors to set meeting dates to work on the 2013 Budget. Glenn Johnston motion to set dates for October 30th, 2012 and November 1st, 2012 @ 6:00 P.M., William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


Supervisor’s Report:

Edward Brown: No Report.


William Lawhead: Roadmaster Report: Roadmaster Lawhead reported that there has been approximately 25 letters sent out to residents from the smoke testing and issues found on their properties.

Mr. Lawhead also reminded residents that they are to have numbers on their houses. This was an issue numerous times in trying to determine the correct address when they had issues smoke testing.


Mr. Lawhead asked the other supervisors for permission to purchase a magnetic manhole lifter. He had used one that Clearfield Borough has and felt it worked very well. The other supervisors asked if he could possibly ask the Borough to borrow theirs when needed.


Glenn Johnston motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of $114,181.68, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


No  other business to come before the Board, Glenn Johnston motion to adjourn to Executive Session, Edward Brown second.

8:02 P.M.

Edward Brown motion to return from Executive Session, Glenn Johnston second.

8:15 P.M.

William Lawhead motion to adjourn, Edward Brown second.

Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary



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