Regular Monthly Meeting-July 2nd, 2013

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
July 2nd, 2013
7:00 P.M
Municipal Building
45 George Street, Clfd Pa.


Chairman Glenn Johnston called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of Supervisors showed William Lawhead, Edward Brown and Glenn Johnston all present.


Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Police Chief Mark Brooks, Solicitor James Naddeo, Nancy Yeager& Randy Powell-Zoning Hearing Board Members, Tony Puccio, Mike Boal, Kim Finnigan-The Courier Express, Amanda Thompson-WOKW, Wendy Brion-The Progress, Members of Station 5(List attached).


Comments from the audience: Fire Chief Elliott Neeper confronted the Board of Supervisors regarding Station 5’s Engine that is out of service and still not inspected. The members felt that they may have been able to contain the fire at the Colonial Courtyard if they would have had their Engine. They were on scene immediately but had to watch the fire burn because they did not have their Engine and other Fire Companies were not on scene yet. They felt that the township has known for some time now that there are numerous repairs that need to be done to the Engine but the repairs are not getting done.

Supervisor Lawhead explained that the parts have been ordered but they have not received them yet.

Jeremy Ruffner asked how long do you keep spending money on a unit that needs replaced. The unit was built in 1994 and was a demonstrator and was meant to be used in a flatter area, not in this area with so many hills to climb. The unit is way over the mileage that most Engines are kept in service.


Toni Puccio from the Golden Rod area complained about issues with Charles Road and the condition of the road. He asked if it could be considered a high priority for something to be done. He also expressed the need to replace the Children at Play signs in that area because they are no longer legible.  Supervisor Lawhead will replace the Children at Play signs with new ones.

Supervisor Johnston explained that next year he intends on getting public comments of roads that need repairs and then drive all the roads.

Supervisor Brown explained that the only reason the township has funds to do the extra paving is because of the Act 13 Funds and we don’t know how long the township will continue to receive those funds.


William Lawhead motion to approve the minutes of the June 18th, 2013 meeting as written, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


Police Report: Chief Brooks gave the supervisors a copy of the Stats for the month of June.

Chief Brooks asked the supervisors to go to Executive Session at the end of the meeting to discuss a Personnel Issue.


Solicitor’s Report: No Report.

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July 2nd, 2013


Recreational Park Board: No Report


Code Enforcement Officer: No Report.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: The Secretary reported that the township received the County Aid funds in the amount of $11,021.13, which is a reimbursement for Salt purchased in 2013.

The Secretary gave the supervisors the paperwork to apply for Dirt & Gravel Roads. Roadmaster Lawhead is to look at what area they may be able to apply the funds for and have ready for the next meeting.

The Secretary asked permission to transfer funds from the Pennvest Loan Account into the Sanitary Sewer Account because they received a large amount of funds from Pennvest for reimbursement of expenses that were paid from the Sanitary Sewer Account and the township would get more interest from the Sanitary Sewer Account. Edward Brown motion to transfer funds from the Pennvest Loan Account into the Sanitary Sewer Account with enough funds left in the account to pay the Pennvest Loan for the remainder of the year, Glenn Johnston second. Motion carried.


The Secretary reported that the township received a proposal in the amount of $800.00 from Lanagers Landscaping to landscape around the sign and flagpole at the Police Station. The Supervisors agreed to have the project done.


The Secretary also presented a letter to the supervisors from the Clearfield County Tax Claim Bureau pertaining to a bid they received in the amount of $400.00 for MAP #123-J07-000-00023. The Real Estate taxes have been unpaid on this property for the years 2004 thru 2012, although offered at tax sale, no bid was received until now. The sale is scheduled for August 28th, 2013.


Supervisors Report:
Edward Brown: No Report.


William Lawhead: Roadmasters Report: Still doing storm clean up.

Supervisor Brown asked if he found any storm water in the Sanitary Sewer. Supervisor Lawhead reported that there are three manholes in Fletcherville that have no bottom and allows flow into the system.

Supervisor Johnston asked the Roadmaster when the Paving Project and Oil & Chipping Project are scheduled to be done. The Roadmaster explained that Cottles is supposed to do the Oil & Chipping the 3rd week of July and Hawbakers plans to do the paving the end of July of 1st week of August.


Supervisor Johnston reported that the township had a meeting with CMA and  CMA has an order from DEP because the 4 million gallon water that is going into the system cannot be located. The township is working on developing a construction project that may resolve 2 million gallon but DEP will not wait until the township can do the project. DEP has directed CMA to take over the engineering of the project and develop a construction plan to resolve the issue. Glenn Johnston motion to allow Stiffler McGraw to release all records and information pertaining to the Hyde and Country Club area to Gwin Dobson and Foreman for the purpose of acting as subcontractor that will minimize duplication of work and control cost, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


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July 2nd, 2013


Glenn Johnston motion to give permission for Gwin Dobson & Foreman to access township right-of-ways, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.

Glenn Johnston motion to amend previous motion to add permission to also access private property and act as township agent, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


Glenn Johnston motion to purchase a new Engine for Station #5 with the Department to spec a Truck then a Pump and Equipment for the truck with the cost to be paid as follows, when truck is ready to be picked up the funds in the 2 mills will go to paying on unit, a Bank Loan for a 3 year period and balance to be paid from Act 13 Reserve. Motion died for a lack of a second.


Edward Brown motion to have the Fire Department spec for a Fire Truck and present to the Supervisors, William Lawhead second. Glenn Johnston opposed.


William Lawhead motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of $67,896.08, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


Edward Brown motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss a Personnel Issue, Glenn Johnston second.

8:02 P.M.

Glenn Johnston motion to return from Executive Session, Edward Brown second.

8:26 P.M.


No other business to come before the Board.


Edward Brown motion to adjourn, William Lawhead second.


Meeting adjourned.








Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary


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