Regular Monthly Meeting-June 17th, 2014

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
June 17th, 2014
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd PA


Chairman William Lawhead called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of supervisors showed Edward Brown, Daniel Mitchell Sr, William Lawhead all present.


Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Code/Zoning Officer Debra Finkbeiner, Solicitor James Naddeo, Nancy Yeager, Randy Powell, Marc & Greg Martell, Randy Lemmo, Don Stewart, Elmo Braid, Bill Curly-Lock haven University, Amanda Thompson-WOKW, Jeff Corcino-The Progress, Theresa Dunlap-Gant Daily, Kim Finnigan-The Courier Express.


Comments from the Audience: Marc Martell from Martell Glass let the supervisors know that they purchased the previous Bayer Building off of Coal Hill Road and intend to expand their business and use that building. They would like to subdivide the property for housing like the other properties that adjoin their property but it is zoned Industrial and that would not be a permitted use. Mr. Martell presented maps of their property and asked the supervisors to consider changing the zoning for the lots they want to subdivide.

It was discussed among the supervisors as to if that would be considered spot zoning and also explained that a portion of that property was previously changed in 2001 from Industrial to Residential Urban. The information was given to the Solicitor for his review and comments.


Bill Curly, Director at Lock Haven University presented information to the supervisors pertaining to projects they are working on at the University. They intend to submit a grant to DCNR to develop an outdoor environmental education & community recreational resource on their 100 acre campus. Their vision is to utilize their significant natural resources to facilitate a broad range of educational initiatives and expand the portfolio of recreational assets in the region. Mr. Curly asked the Supervisors to compose a letter of support to the University for the project.  The total cost of the Master Site Planning process as submitted to DCNR is $46,990.00 and requires a 50% match from the applicant. After in-kind costs supplied by the University they are seeking a cash contribution of $11,465.00 to meet the requirements of the grant. He felt this project will add a significant resource to the township and will be an outstanding use of Act 13 funding from the township. Mr. Curly asked the supervisors to consider helping the University with the cash contribution needed for the project.

The Supervisors agreed to send a letter of support for the project.

Don Stewart and Randy Lemmo from the Long Meadow area of the township presented a petition from the residents of their area opposing the change the supervisors are considering to add Multi Family as a Conditional Use in the Residential Urban area. The supervisors and Solicitor Naddeo reviewed the petitions and Mr. Naddeo returned the petition to Mr. Lemmo and advised him to attend the Public Hearing the Supervisors have scheduled for June 30th, 2014 at 6:00 for the zoning changes and present the petition at that time so it can be presented as a public record.







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June 17th, 2014


Edward Brown motion to approve the minutes of the June 3rd, 2014 meeting as written, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


Police Report: No Report.


Solicitor’s Report: Mr. Naddeo reported that he has not received any preliminary objections to the condemnations for the Sanitary Sewer Project.


The Solicitor also reported that he reviewed the Easement for Clearfield Borough for the Mill Road project with their Solicitor and they will make some minor changes to the wording and it will be signed.


Recreational Park Board: No Report.


Code Enforcement Officer; Debra Finkbeiner reviewed the Arbys Subdivision owned by Toby Reality. The Subdivision was approved by the Planning Commission and forwarded to the supervisors for their approval. Daniel Mitchell motion to approve Arbys Subdivision, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


The Code Officer commented on a complaint she received regarding grass clippings, ect being dumped at the Centre Cemetery by residents and reminded residents that the township does have a compost site that yard waste can be taken to.


The Code Officer also reminded residents that the township has an Ordinance for maintenance of Lawns and let residents know that they can contact the township office if they see lawns or areas that are not being maintained and also to fill out complaint forms for the township.

She also explained that there is a Blight Program available to assist in cleaning up abandoned homes, etc.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s Report for the month of May was submitted for the supervisors review.


The Secretary presented a list she received from the Hyde Fire Company for Parades that they wish to participate in for 2014:

Grampian Days Homecoming Parade-June 28th

Osceola Mills Fireman’s Parade-July 4th

Curwensville Days-July 19th

Houtzdale Days Parade-July 26th

Clearfield County Fair Fireman’s Parade-July 28th,

William Lawhead motion to approve the list of parades, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


The Secretary also presented a letter to the Supervisors received from the township roadcrew asking the supervisors to consider authorizing the roadcrew to use Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 as their Holiday to be paid the 10 hours and will give up being paid the extra 8 hours pay beyond the 40 hours they would receive for Friday. It was discussed and the supervisors asked the Solicitor if it would be an issue. Mr. Naddeo felt as long as they received a letter from the Teamsters Union Representative acknowledging the exception he would not have a problem with the change. Edward Brown motion to approve pending a letter from the Union and authorize the Solicitor to send a letter to the union for the request, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.



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June 17th, 2014


Supervisor’s Report:

Supervisor Brown explained the option the supervisors have regarding the Mill Road Paving Project. The supervisors all reviewed with the Secretary the funds available to do the project, since the bids came in higher than anticipated, and they all felt the additional funds are available to do the entire project. Supervisor Brown did consider only doing the pipe work in 2014 and wait to do the paving in 2015.

William Lawhead motion to accept the bid from Greenland Construction in the amount of $ 544,935.00 for the Mill Road Paving Project, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


Roadmaster Brown explained an issue the roadcrew had on Turnpike and Mill Road with drainage, which was causing ponding on the roadway. Even though it would have been included in the Mill Road Project, due to safety concerns the repairs needed to be done now and they were able to get them completed. He thanked the Clearfield Borough Roadcrew for their assistance while doing the repairs.


Mr. Brown reported that roof repairs were done to the township building in Hyde after the storm.

He also reported that the sewer project continues to move along.


The Roadcrew continues to work on getting ready for the paving but they are not able to get a lot done with the potholes because of the constant rain.


Roadmaster Mitchell reported that he is working with the roadcrew on Hogback.


Mr. Mitchell also reported the Chevron donated stone from their well site to the township, which was between 200-300 truckloads of stone. They also tailgated stone onto several township roads in the Glen Richey area.


Edward Brown motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of $193,449.68, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


No other business to come before the Board.

Daniel Mitchell motion to adjourn, William Lawhead second.

Meeting adjourned.

7:50 P.M.





Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary


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