Regular Monthly Mtg-Sept. 15th, 2014

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
September 16th, 2014
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd Pa


Chairman William Lawhead called meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of supervisors showed Daniel Mitchell and William Lawhead present with Edward Brown absent.


Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Code Officer Debra Finkbeiner, Solicitors James Naddeo & Linda Lewis, Eric Mennor-Walsh Equipment, Kim Finnigan, Randy Powell, Jeff Corcino, Amanda Thompson, Chris Barrett, Gordon Kline, Theresa Dunlap.


Comments from the audience: Chris Barrett was present with questions regarding the Clearfield County Blight Program and asked if there is an Ordinance needed for the township to participate in the program. The Code Officer explained that the township has adopted the International Code and that will be what can be used. She did explain that the township will be drawing up a Site Control Lease Agreement for the program.


Gordon Kline asked about the weight limit on Carbon Mine Road and if there is actually weight limit on that road. It was explained that when it was a state road there were segments that is in the 10 Ton weight limit. A representative from Penndot will be doing an inspection on Carbon Mine Road.


Daniel Mitchell motion to approve the minutes of the September 2nd, 2014 meeting as written, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


Police Report: No Report.


Solicitor’s Report: At the previous township meeting it was requested for the Solicitor to determine if the township had considered or adopted a No Parking in Cul-De-Sacs in the past. He reported that he did not find an Ordinance in place and did not find anything in the Vehicle Code regarding the issue.


Mr. Naddeo was given a sample Ticketing Ordinance that could possibly be a shortcut for violations under the zoning ordinance. He had no comment in regard to the township to move forward with the Ordinance or to proceed with the current process, but reminded the supervisors that if they use the citation process the township does recover all the cost associated with the fine.


Mr. Naddeo reported that he is in the process of preparing the Lease for Blighted Properties.


Mr. Naddeo also reported that he did not receive a draft from the Roadcrew Union before the meeting regarding the new contract.


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September 16th, 2014


Rec Park Board: No Report.


Code Enforcement Officer: Debra Finkbeiner presented the Ken Starr Subdivision located on Montgomery Run Road. Everything was approved by the township Planning Commission. William Lawhead motion to approve the Ken Starr Subdivision, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report for the month of August was submitted for the Supervisors review.


The Secretary asked permission to pay the Invoice to New Enterprise Stone & Lime in the amount of $337,482.44 for the 2014 paving. Daniel Mitchell motion to approve, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


The Secretary asked permission to transfer funds from the Act 13 Account to the General Fund in the amount of $170,962.26 to pay the Invoice for the Paving that is the portion that was budgeted to come from the Act 13 Funds. William Lawhead motion to approve the transfer of funds, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary reported that Clearfield Borough set Trick or Treat night for October 30th, 2014 from 6:00PM-8:00PM and asked the supervisors if they wanted to do the same. Both supervisors agreed to set Trick or Treat for October 30th, 2014 from 6-8PM.


The Secretary asked if the supervisors wanted to put the Winter Road Materials out for bid.

William Lawhead motion to advertise for bid 1,800 Ton (more or less) 1B Limestone, 1,200 Ton (more or less) 6S Anti-Skid and 1,000 Ton (more or less) 2B Limestone, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary let the public know that she spoke with Greenland Construction regarding the Mill Road Project and was advised that they will continue to have the upper part of Mill Road Closed from the Middle School Driveway to Turnpike Avenue and at times Turnpike Avenue will be closed also. They will also be working on the lower end of Boyce Street but those residents will have available access thru Wooster Alley that will not be blocked. This work will continue each day from 7:30 AM-5:30 PM thru Thursday, September 25th, 2014.


Supervisor’s Report:

Roadmaster Daniel Mitchell reported that the Roadcrew did grading on Kennedy Road, 21st Street and are working on Bowmans Hill Road. The Contractor put down Dust Oil and that has been completed.

They have also been working at the Compost Site to get it cleaned up with all the brush.


Daniel Mitchell motion to purchase a Tiger 22’ Bengal Boom Rotary Mower with mid-mount kit, boom arms, mower hydraulic drive system, travel safety lock, 50” Rotary head with disc & hydraulic door. Single point Open Stow (10S) transport system, 5 cable controls, front pump guard at the Co-Stars price of 89,613.17 less trade in allowance of 16,500.00 for the MF4242 Tractor/Boom for a total sale price of $73,113.17, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.




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September 16th, 2014



Supervisor Mitchell presented specifications for a Peterbilt Dump Truck that he wanted to consider purchasing. Supervisor Lawhead was not given copies of the specifications before the meeting and wanted time to review them before making a decision.


Daniel Mitchell motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss a Personnel Issue, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.

7:30 P.M.

Daniel Mitchell motion to return from Executive Session, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.

7:45 P.M.


Daniel Mitchell motion to appoint William Lawhead as temporary Roadmaster as needed until Edward Brown is able to return from Medical Leave, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


William Lawhead motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of $97,664.35, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


No other business to come before the Board.

Daniel Mitchell motion to adjourn, William Lawhead second.

Meeting adjourned.






Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary


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