Regular Monthly Mtg-Nov 3rd, 2015

Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
November 3rd, 2015
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd Pa



Vice Chairman Daniel Mitchell called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of Supervisors showed Edward Brown and Daniel Mitchell both present with William Lawhead absent.


Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Code Officer Debra Finkbeiner, Solicitor James Naddeo, Randy Powell, Nancy Myrter, Dennis Myrter, Jeff Corcino, John Sughrue, Joan Myers, Kim Finnigan, Amanda Thompson.


Comments from the audience: John Sughrue was present to represent 1200 residents of the Clearfield area regarding the Clearfield Hospital. Mr. Sughrue presented a letter with their concerns about the diminishment of the hospital and medical services at the Clearfield Hospital. Petitions signed by over 1200 citizens were attached. He has spoken with local Doctors about their concerns. Clearfield Hospital Board no longer has control, management is done the PHH Board, the holding company acting in secrecy with no public accountability. He asked the supervisors to look at the situation and to step up and help. He felt that the area needs economic development and how can the area be promoted without a hospital.


Nancy Myrter, a resident from 21st Street, has concerns about the safety on 21st Street and the fact that the road is not posted with a speed limit. Roadmaster Woodling explained to her that speed limit signs can be put up but there are no areas on that road where the Police can enforce the speed. She also questioned the safety of the volunteers that are walking the dogs for the SPCA. She has spoken with the County Commissioners and State Representative Tommy Sankey about walking trails on the SPCA property but asked if there is something the supervisors can do now for the safety. The Supervisors did discuss having signs put up indicating to slow down because of walking the dogs on the road. She also spoke with Chief Brooks about holding an educational session with the SPCA informing them of the pedestrian laws on the road and to inform them of the safety issues the volunteers face when walking along this road. Edward Brown motion to authorize the Roadmaster to contact Penndot to determine if the road warrants a traffic study, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


Edward Brown motion to approve the minutes of the October 20th, 2015 meeting as written, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


Police Report: The Stats for the month of October were submitted for the supervisors review.






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November 3rd, 2015


Solicitor’s Report:Solicitor Naddeo presented an agreement from Pennvest for a Modification of Debt Obligation and other Funding Documents. The interim amortization schedule was based on the original amount of the loan and since the township did not borrow all the funds the loan has been modified to reflect the actual amount borrowed and changes the monthly payment. The documents need to be approved and signed by the Chairman. Edward Brown motion to approve the Modification Documents and authorize the chairman to sign, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


The Solicitor asked for an Executive Session pertaining to comments he has received on the upcoming zoning changes and possible litigation.


Recreational Park Board: No Report.


Code Enforcement Officer:The Code Officer presented a LERTA request from Cress-Wood Company at 160 Cresswood Drive Clearfield PA. This is for an addition to a one story commercial structure and additional improvements. Edward Brown motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.



The Code Officer also presented a LERTA request from Rural King located at 260 Plaza Drive Clearfield, PA. This is for remodeling and adding new construction to the existing vacant Kmart building. The only concern the Code Officer had is with the changes to the area for parking. Daniel Mitchell motion to approve the LERTA request for Rural King pending review of the parking concerns, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


The Code Officer reminded residents that all land transfers require smoke test and inspections before the sale can be completed.


The Code Officer reported that the township started I & I Inspections in February 2014 and 44 homes still need inspections and have been sent no access violation letters and there are still 11 sewer violations.


Roadmaster Report: The Roadmaster reported that the township received the School Bus Ahead signs for the Glen Richey area and they were installed. The Recreational Park has been winterized. He did contact Shawn Agosti and they are permitted to reface the stop signs as they have been doing.

The crew continues to get the trucks ready for winter and they are picking up both the bagged leaves and using the leaf vac.


Secretary/Treasurer Report: The Secretary asked for approval to pay Margaret Barnes the funds from the Insurance Company for the Fire Loss on Moose Street in the amount of 15,254.27 that have been held in the Reserve Account. The cleanup is complete and has been inspected. Daniel Mitchell motion to approve payment, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


The Secretary reported that a drawdown has been submitted to DCED in the amount of 608.66 for engineering expenses and administrative expenses and asked for approval for the drawdown and permission to pay the expenses when the funds are received. Edward Brown motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.




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November 3rd, 2015


The Secretary asked the supervisors to approve the rehire of George Jacobson to the Roadcrew. Edward Brown motion to rehire George Jacobson retroactive to October 19th, 2015, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary reported that she has received several request from residents of the Glen Richey area for speed limit reduction on the Glen Richey Highway. Supervisor Brown explained that this is a state road and if the township reduces the speed lower than 45 mph then the township is responsible for the signs. The area to consider for change to 35 mph would be from Evans Road to the Turkey Hill Bridge. Edward Brown motion to contact Penndot for a traffic study, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary reported that the township received a letter of resignation from Charles Johnston from the Wolf Run Industrial Authority effective immediately. His term runs until April 2019. Daniel Mitchell motion to advertise the position, Edward Brown second. Motion carried.


Supervisor’s Report:Edward Brown explained to the public that the township does not have an option and the inspections for the I & I for the sewers has to be done and documented. It is mandated by DEP.


Edward Brown motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of $19,479.09, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


Edward Brown motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss a possible litigation, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.

7:40 P.M.

Edward Brown motion to return from Executive Session, Daniel Mitchell second.

7:50 P.M.


No other business to come before the board.

Edward Brown motion to adjourn, Daniel Mitchell second.

Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary  








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