Regular Monthly Mtg-Sept. 6th, 2016

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
September 6th, 2016
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd Pa



Chairman Randy Powell called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of supervisors showed Daniel Mitchell, William Lawhead and Randy Powell all present.


Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Code Officer Debra Finkbeiner, Roadmaster Ronald Woodling, Police Chief Mark Brooks, Solicitors James Naddeo & Linda Lewis, Amanda Thompson, Jeff Corcino, Ed Yeager, Wendy Brion.


Comments from the audience:Ed Yeager from the Clearfield Baseball Association submitted a proposal from PA SOD for repairs to the fields at the Recreational Park. The supervisors asked him to get other quotes and they would discuss the projects with the Recreational Park Board to find out what they have planned.

Bill Ogden a resident on Morrison Road complained about the repairs that were done to the ditches on Morrison Road. He understood the ditches needing to be cleaned but the way they were done, the ditches are now very deep and are causing water run off and damage to properties that they never had a problem with before. He had spoken with Roadmaster Woodling and was very satisfied with his conversation with him but felt the member of the roadcrew that did the work did very poor work and asked that something be done before they have storm damage to their properties. The supervisors let him know that they would review the project with the roadmaster.


William Lawhead motion to approve the minutes of the August 16th, 2016 meeting as written, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


Police Report:Chief Brooks submitted the Stats for the month of August for the supervisors review.


Chief Brooks reported that the Officers have completed the final wave of the Pa. Department of Transportation Aggressive Driving Enforcement project for 2016, concluding on August 28th, 2016.

During this time, officers logged 112 traffic stops, 36 of those stops resulted in speeding violations. (30) other traffic violations (2) driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol violations and (1) fugitive from justice arrest. A total of (69) arrests were logged during this phase and nearly 99% of the allocated funds were utilized.


Chief Brooks explained that Officers recently attended a specialized training event offered by the Pa Chapter of Child Advocacy Centers, in conjunction with the Clearfield County Multi-Disciplinary Board, which was held at the Clearfield County Child Advocacy center on August 16th, 2016. The training served to educate investigators, while reducing trauma for alleged child abuse victims. The training was graciously hosted at no cost to those in attendance.


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September 6th, 2016


Chief Brooks reported that the department has received notice that an application submitted previously for a non-profit support grant offered by Walmart was approved and a donation check in the amount of $1,000.00 dollars was received. The department extends appreciation for Walmart’s support of the law enforcement community.


Chief Brooks was contacted last week by Curwensville Mayor, Tom Carfley, who extended notice of the pending sale of one of their police department utility vehicles. He described the unit as a 2013 Ford F-150, 4wd/four door pick-up truck with 31,000 miles, that is currently upfitted for police use. The vehicle will offer for sale in the near future. Chief Brooks advised Mayor Carfley that he would relay this information to the Board of Supervisors for their consideration. Supervisor Mitchell did go look at the unit and felt it was in great condition and worth considering purchasing. The supervisors agreed to submit a sealed bid and would discuss the amount.


Solicitor’s Report: No Report.


Recreational Park Board: No Report.


Code Enforcement Officer:Debra Finkbeiner requested that the Supervisors set a date for a Conditional Use Hearing for October 4th, 2016 @ 6:50 PM for timbering on Larson Road. Timbering by Greenchain Enterprise LLC. Property located at 852 Larson Road owned by Kyle Smith. Approximately 11.9 acres, will be hauling on Larson Road to Old Erie Pike.


The Code Officer reported that the Conditional Use hearing set for September 20th, 2016 for Dave Reed has been canceled and will be rescheduled.


The Code Officer reported that the Bond is in place for Scott Carts, St. Marys Lumber Co to begin timbering. They will be hauling on Pifer Road and Flegal Road. Bond in the amount of $31,800.00, Excess Maintenance Agreement executed. Fees have been submitted for cost of road survey for the sum of $94.50.


The Code Officer reported that release of Bond for Triple D. Property, Aaron Rowles will not resume logging until January 2017 on Flegal Road.


The Code Officer asked the supervisors to approve the release of Bonds for Airport Road for RES Coal. The road has been inspected by the Roadmaster. William Lawhead motion to approve, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The Code Officer reported that Swisher Contracting, Inc. has requested release of reclamation bond at the Novey Operation. State 1, 11 and 111 Bond release. Streams in this area are 3 unnamed tributaries of the Moose Creek.


Code Officer Finkbeiner also reported that she received notification from PA State Grange Association that the grange on Old Erie Pike has been purchased by Mickey Moore and that his plans is for it to be restored and used as a community center.


Code Officer Finkbeiner reported that to date the township has received 350.00 in Code Violation fines, completed 57 Smoke Test for Property Owner Transfers, completed 134 Zoning/Building Permits.

She also thanked the Lawrence Township Police Department for their assistance at complaints that she had to handle.

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September 6th, 2016


Solicitor James Naddeo presented a Resolution that he prepared to approve the Liquor License Transfer from Clearfield Borough to Lawrence Township to be located at Snappy’s on the Clearfield-Shawville Hwy. William Lawhead motion to approve the transfer of the Liquor License, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


Roadmaster’s Report:The Roadmaster asked the supervisors to approve advertising for Winter Road Materials. Randy Powell motion to approve advertising for bid 2,000 Ton (more or less) 67 Limestone and 1,200 Ton (more or less) 6S (AS2) Anti Skid Material, Daniel Mitchel second. Motion carried.


Roadmaster Woodling reported that HRI was ¾ done with the Paving Project.


The Roadmaster received information from Penndot for possible signal work providing pedestrian facilities at the Leonard Street and Woodland Road intersections as well as at the Clearfield Mall intersection. A brief description was submitted to the township for review of the project.


Roadmaster Woodling reported that he attended a Pre-Construction meeting with Stiffler McGraw and the Contractor for the Flegal Road Bridge Project.


Roadmaster Woodling submitted a proposal from Dufour, Inc to upgrade the Street Lights at the Hyde Bridge intersection to LED in the amount of $1,741.00. William Lawhead motion to approve the upgrade of the street lights, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The Roadmaster is working on gathering the information to submit a Dirt & Gravel Road Project and will have ready for approval at the next township meeting.


The Roadmaster received a quote from Rudd Equipment in the amount of 7,981.86 to install a blade float on the Volvo Grader. William Lawhead motion to approve the purchase from Rudd Equipment, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:The Secretary submitted a request from the Roadcrew to continue the (4) 10 hour work days with Monday thru Thursday until the end of October with the hours to remain at 5:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. William Lawhead motion to approve, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The township received a request for a Sewer Exoneration for Tom & Brenda Grice at 132 Paradise Road. This is located at their camp and does not have sanitary sewer connection. William Lawhead motion to approve the Sewer Exoneration, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary submitted the quote from Lezzer Lumber to Picnic Tables for the Recreational Park. They agreed at a price of 200.00 per 8’ table and will stain them to help with weather proofing and will put the tables together at a total of 15 tables. William Lawhead motion to approve the purchase of picnic tables from Lezzer Lumber at 200.00 each, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary reported that the township still needs to have a contractor to do the sewer repairs for residents that had issues with their laterals when Stiffler McGraw performed the Smoke Test. The township is responsible for those laterals until the Pennvest Loans are paid off. The Secretary is to contact Stiffler McGraw and get specs and description of work and estimate of repairs so they know if the township will need to advertise the project for bid.



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September 6th, 2016



Supervisor’s Report:

Daniel Mitchell: No Report.


William Lawhead: No Report.


Randy Powell: No Report.



William Lawhead motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of $298,913.64, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.



No other business to come before the Board.

William Lawhead motion to adjourn, Randy Powell second.


Meeting adjourned.


8:00 P.M.






Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary


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