Regular Monthly Mtg- Dec 6th, 2016

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
December 6th, 2016
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd PA



Chairman Randy Powell called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of supervisors showed Daniel Mitchell, William Lawhead and Randy Powell all present.


Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Solicitors James Naddeo and Linda Lewis, Amanda Thompson, Jeff Corcino, Wendy Brion.


Comments from the audience: None.


William Lawhead motion to approve the minutes of the November 15th, 2016 meeting as written, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


Police Report: Sergeant James Glass presented the Stats for the month of November for the supervisor’s review.

Sergeant Glass reported that Officers completed the 1st wave of the fall 2016 Pa Department of Transportation Aggressive Driving Enforcement project which began on October 24th, 2016. During this time officers logged a total of 40 traffic stops. As a result, 22 citations were issued for various violations that included speeding, seat belt infractions, traffic control signals or devices and (1) fugitive from justice arrest. The second wave of the project is scheduled to continue through the December holiday driving season.


Safety repairs were completed to the department vehicle fleet, specifically the 2014 Chevrolet Caprice patrol car November 15th. A total of (3) safety recalls were performed to address air bag deployment, power steering assist and a seat belt tensioner cable replacement. The issues were corrected promptly by Johnson Motors of Dubois and the vehicle was returned to service the following day.

A reoccurring problem with the office facsimile machine has occurred several times over the last month, impacting the exchange of data between the department and Clearfield County Communications, as well as normal business with other county offices. A request to consider upgrading the current office facsimile service was suggested and preliminary steps to secure estimates for replacement. The Police Department consumes approximately (1) case of 5000 sheets of printed material per month. The estimated expense with replacement toner yields about .03 cents per copy. Limited data for comparison exists; however one local source has anticipated a savings about 2,100.00 per year. Sergeant Glass requested the board relate their experiences with devices capable of serving as an “All in One” printer scanner fax and copier, as to cost effectiveness vs. that of separate devices. William Lawhead motion to approve purchase of the Canon Image Runner Advanced C5030 in the amount of 1,245.00, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.

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December 6th, 2016


Sergeant Glass thanked Tom & Brenda Grice for donation to the Police Department. The department is truly thankful for their recognition and continued generosity in support of our agency and area policing again this year.

Sergeant Glass also thanked the Christian Missionary Alliance Church for their thoughtfulness in the delivery of prepared turkey dinners for on duty officers who were unable to spend time with family on Thanksgiving.


Solicitor’s Report:Mr. Naddeo received a letter from Bill Kriner from Shannon Land & Mining indicating that they would like to donate to the township the land located in Glen Richey that the township uses to stockpile materials or store road equipment. William Lawhead motion to accept the donation, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


Recreational Park Board: No Report.


Code Enforcement Officer:Supervisor Powell presented a request that the Code Officer received for release of Road Bonds for St Marys Lumber Co. on Pifer and Flegal Road. William Lawhead motion to approve contingent on the Roadmasters inspection of the roads and approval, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary presented information in the Code Officers absence: The Code Officer wanted to remind all property owners in the Country Club and Long Meadow area that once again it is being investigated and reviewing is being done of I & I, because the manhole on Village Road running full flow of storm waters. Reminded residents that all sump pumps and downspouts must remain separate from the sewer system. Fines can and will be issued up to 1,000.00 for failure to comply.


The Code Officer also wanted to remind property owners with horses, chickens, ducks, goats, etc that all animals including but not limited to domestic pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, livestock, and poultry must be contained on your property. Free ranging animals causes nuisance to surrounding properties and fines will be issued. Mulch beds are being torn up, shrubs and planting are being destroyed. The property owners have a right to remove such nuisance from their property. These livestock and poultry may be protected under Agricultural laws for noise but not destruction of neighbor’s property.


Roadmasters Report: No Report.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:The Secretary presented a request from Clearfield School asking to continue the purchase of Road Salt from the township for the 2016-2017 School year. William Lawhead motion to approve request, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary asked permission to drawdown funds from CDBG in the amount of 2,536.10 and authorize the chairman to sign the drawdown and also to drawdown funds in the amount of 5,763.25 and authorize the chairman to sign the form once Stiffler McGraw has completed the form. William Lawhead motion to approve both drawdowns from CDBG and authorize the chairman to sign, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.



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December 6th, 2016


The Secretary asked for approval to authorize the Non-Uniformed Employees Pension Funds for Rose Okerlund be distributed to her heirs. William Lawhead motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


The township previously received a request from Clearfield EMS asking for donation from the Act 13 Funds that the township received. The Supervisors did discuss the request and had previously asked them to contact other municipalities and also ask for funds from them but Lawrence Township did not respond if we would give them a donation. William Lawhead motion to authorize the Secretary to send Clearfield EMS a letter that Lawrence Township will match funds that Clearfield EMS received from other municipalities that they requested funds from, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


Supervisor’s Report:

Daniel Mitchell: No Report.


William Lawhead: No Report.


Randy Powell asked Solicitor Naddeo if he received any response from Cohen Law Group, who wanted to give the township a quote for free legal advice regarding our Franchise Cable Agreement. Mr. Naddeo has not heard anything from them since he sent them a letter to proceed but will have his office give them a call.


William Lawhead motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of 59,011.61, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


No other business to come before the Board.

William Lawhead motion to adjourn, Daniel Mitchell second.

Meeting adjourned.

7:21 P.M.



Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary




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