Regular Monthly Mtg-Dec 20th, 2016

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
December 20th, 2016
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd Pa



Chairman Randy Powell called meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of Supervisors shoed Daniel Mitchell, William Lawhead and Randy Powell all present.


Present Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Roadmaster Ronald Woodling, Solicitor Linda Lewis, Jeff Corcino, Wendy Brion, Jim Moyer, Randy Lemmo, C. Alan Walker, Eric Rowles, Brian Lytle, Jeremy Ruffner, Elliott Neeper.


Public Comments: Representatives from the Consolidation Study Committee were present to present information and answer questions to the Board of Supervisors and Public for the possible consolidation between Lawrence Township and Clearfield Borough.

Brian Lytle, (Co Chairman of the Committee) offered to answer any questions or concerns regarding the possible consolidation. He asked that when the supervisors vote in January that it would be an affirmative vote and let the voters make the decision for the consolidation.

Randy Lemmo, a committee member, also asked that the Supervisors let the citizens made the decision.

James Moyer, a committee member, also felt that the voters should have the final decision.

He also commended the Fire Companies, Fire Police and Police Officers that were at the structure fire earlier today off Mt Joy Road at the Boal property.

  1. Alan Walker felt that the consolidation is the key to the future. He felt that there is a concern for the economic development of the area if the consolidation is not done.

Jeremy Ruffner, Volunteer Firefighter from Mill Road Fire Company, explained that the publics concerns is that somethings still need hammered out for the Fire Companies structure. There is presently a lot of difference between the Township Fire Companies and Clearfield Boroughs. Clearfield Borough owns the Fire Companies buildings, maintains the buildings, and pays all the expenses. The Township Fire Companies receive a yearly donation, but that does not even begin to cover the expenses. Bill Lawhead explained that when the Sub-Committee for the consolidation had a meeting, which included all the Fire Companies Chiefs, the decision was made to leave the Fire Companies alone for now. There was a concern about the debt that is owed by two of the township Fire Companies. There was also a position for the possible consolidation for a Safety Personal Position that would oversee all the Companies. Jeremy Ruffner asked if that person would be qualified to hold that position, and the response was that would be up to the new Council of Government, but also hope they would take that into consideration. Randy Powell also felt there is a concern for how the funds will be distributed.


William Lawhead motion to approve the minutes of the December 6th, 2016 meeting as written, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


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December 20th, 2016


Police Report: No Report.


Solicitor’s Report:Ms Lewis reported that Shannon Land and Mining did sign the Deed for the property off of the Clearfield-Glen Richey Hwy that the township has been using to store equipment and road materials on. It is approximately 1.9 acres that was donated to the township.

Mr. Naddeo did receive a response back from Cohen Law Group that offered to give the township a free legal assessment of our cable franchise agreement. It was determined that the township is entitled to get 5% of the income and there are different types of income that we are eligible for. After reviewing all the information necessary they would prepare a detailed written request to Atlantic Broadband for all franchise fee information and documents relevant to the municipalities and applicable to the franchise fee audit. There would be a flat fee of 5,900.00 to perform the audit for the township.

The Board of Supervisors all agreed not to accept their quote for services.


Recreational Park Board: No Report.


Code Enforcement Officer: No Report.


Roadmaster Report:Roadmaster Woodling reported that the roadcrew has been plowing and ashing and asked residents to remember to not park in township right-of-way so they are able to do the plowing. The crew has also done some repairs to stop signs.

The roadmaster also reported that the roof at the Hyde building is leaking and water got into the record storage area. The area was frozen over and blocked the drain. He suggested that they do 10’ up and the valley to stop the leaking.

There is no word yet on the statis of the new truck that was ordered.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:The Treasurer’s Report for the month of November was submitted for the supervisors review.


The 2017 Budget was advertised and ready for approval. William Lawhead motion to approve the 2017 Budget, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary reported that the township received a letter from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources that the township has been approved for the grant submitted for the Recreational Park in the amount of 28,800.00.


The Secretary reported that the township only received one letter of interest for the position on the Lawrence Township Planning Commission and that was from Brandy Owens asking to be reappointed.

Randy Powell motion to reappoint Brandy Owens to the Planning Commission with the term to run until December 31st, 2020, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


The Secretary also reported that she received the financial statement from the Hyde Fire Company showing their Income and Expenses for 2015. William Lawhead motion to approve paying the Hyde Fire Company’s 2016 budgeted contribution, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.



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December 20th, 2016


The Secretary/Treasurer asked permission to transfer funds from the Sanitary Sewer Account back to the General Fund in the amount of 40,000.00. William Lawhead motion to approve the transfer of funds, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary asked permission to pay the Fire Escrow funds to John & Catherine Ross in the amount of 33,205.07 for the fire at 2113 Highview Rd. The Code Officer had done an inspection and felt the necessary repairs were completed. Randy Powell motion to pay the funds in the amount of 33,205.07 to Mr. & Mrs. Ross, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


Supervisor’s Report:

Daniel Mitchell: No Report.


Supervisor Lawhead asked if it was determined who the person was that had their vehicle backed into the township’s Salt Shed and was taking salt. Roadmaster Woodling did not know who it was that had taken the salt. Supervisor Lawhead asked the Roadmaster to install a camera at the Salt Shed in case it happens again.


Randy Powell: No Report.


Daniel Mitchell motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of 143,600.60, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


Eric Rowles complained about an issue on Proud Road that Waroquier Coal is hauling again on Proud Road and Lawrence Grange Road and wanted to be sure the township knew that. Roadmaster Woodling explained that they were sent a letter and in the spring Waroquier’s will supply the township with stone for the road, but in the meantime the township will maintain the road.


No other business to come before the board.


William Lawhead motion to adjourn, Daniel Mitchell second.

Motion carried.

7:46 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary

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