Regular Monthly Mtg-Dec 19th, 2017

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
December 19th, 2017
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George Street, Clfd Pa


Chairman Randy Powell called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Chairman Powell turned the meeting over to Vice Chairman William Lawhead, so he could conduct the last township meeting that he would be as a supervisor.


Roll call of supervisors showed Daniel Mitchell, William Lawhead and Randy Powell all present.


Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Roadmaster Ronald Woodling, Police Chief Douglas Clark, Solicitor’s James Naddeo & Linda Lewis, Bev Lawhead, Jeff Corcino, Wendy Brion and Amanda Thompson.

Comments from the audience: None.


Randy Powell motion to approve the minutes of the December 5th, 2017 meeting as written, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


Police Report:Chief Clark reported that the Officers continue to do a great job with the new Metro Alert system and learning how it works.


Chief Clark also reported that the new SUV should be back from Team Force by the end of the week and then will go to Full Throttle for the graphics.


Chief Clark asked permission for an Officer to attend Field Training in Morgantown for three days and ask that the township pay for the hotel expenses. Penn State Justice is paying the expenses for the training. Randy Powell motion to approve, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


Chief Clark asked for an Executive Session for Personnel issue.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


Solicitor’s Report: Solicitor Naddeo reviewed a letter that the township received from Richard Hughes regarding his willingness to assist the township in any way possible with the infiltration in the Sanitary Sewer System. He volunteered to assist at not expense and is willing to review with the township Engineer. The Secretary is to contact Dave Stiffler and ask him to contact Mr. Hughes and set up a meeting.

Solicitor Naddeo asked for an Executive Session for the Police Contract.


Recreational Park Board: No Report.

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December 19th, 2017


Code Enforcement Officer: No Report.


Roadmaster’s Report:Roadmaster Woodling reported that the new 2018 Truck that was ordered is getting the body put on and should have it back in a few weeks.


Roadmaster Woodling asked the township residents to park in their driveways during snow storms to make it easier to plow the roads.


Roadmaster Woodling also reported that the Turnpike Avenue and Good Street Projects are now completed and also the roof at the Hyde Building is done.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report for month of November was submitted for the supervisor’s review.


The Secretary asked for a motion to approve the 2018 Budget. William Lawhead motion to approve, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.


The secretary reported that she received a letter from Brandy Owens resigning from the Planning Commission. Motion to advertise the position. Randy Powell motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried.


The Secretary asked permission to transfer funds in the amount of 34,905.00 from the Sanitary Sewer Acct to the General Fund for the Turnpike Avenue Project. This is expenses from Pay Estimate #2. Randy Powell motion to approve, William Lawhead second. Motion carried.


The Secretary reminded everyone that the Reorganizational Mtg will be held on Tuesday January 2nd, 2017 at 6:30 PM with the Regular Mtg to immediately follow.


The Secretary extend a very special thank you to Supervisor Lawhead for his years of service to the township. It has been a pleasure to work with him all these years. I know how much we will miss his years of experience and knowledge of the township, and wished him all the best.


Supervisor’s Report:

Daniel Mitchell: No Report.


William Lawhead: Supervisor Lawhead thanked all the employees, each individually for their hard work and extended his heart felt appreciation.


Randy Powell: No Report.

Supervisor Powell presented a clock to Supervisor Lawhead for his years of service as a Supervisor.


William Lawhead motion to approve the list of bills in the amount of 80,968.35, Randy Powell second. Motion carried.



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December 19th, 2017


Daniel Mitchell motion to adjourn to Executive Session, William Lawhead second.

7:15 P.M.

William Lawhead motion to return from Executive Session, Randy Powell second.

7:40 P.M.


William Lawhead motion to authorize Solicitor Naddeo to contact the Teamsters that the township will move forward to Arbitration for the Police Contract, Randy Powell second.


No other business to come before the board.

Randy Powell motion to adjourn, William Lawhead second.

Meeting adjourned.





Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary



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