Regular Monthly Meeting-June 19th, 2018

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
June 19th, 2018
Municipal Building
45 George Street, Clfd PA



Chairman Randy Powell called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of supervisors showed Jeremy Ruffner, Daniel Mitchell Sr., and Randy Powell all present.


Comments from the audience: Brian Merrow read a letter that Golden Rod resident Warren Bartholomew wrote regarding his opposition towards the zoning changes. Mr. Bartholomew stated that a proper legal notice regarding the zoning changes was not posted. Therefore, he believed that the hearing could not be held and the zoning changes could not be made. Mr. Merrow requested a copy of the public hearing transcripts. Mr. Naddeo said that his office and the Township would have a copy of the transcripts. Mr. Merrows would be able to request a copy under the Right to Know Act. Jolene Hollabaugh, Bartholomew’s daughter, verified that the letter Mr. Merrows read was from her parents. She stated that it would be greatly appreciated if legal documentation of the public meeting would be forwarded to her parents.


Dwight Thurston asked if there was any consideration being given into changing the zoning from agriculture. Mr. Thurston stated that it is wrong to have agriculture in the middle of a housing development. Supervisor Powell explained that there is some consideration into changing it.


Daniel Mitchell made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 5th, 2018 meeting as written, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Police Report: Chief Clark received some part-time officers applications from the past graduating academy class from IUP in June. He has two interviews scheduled for Thursday, June 21 and will possibly be scheduling interviews for three more applicants.

Chief Clark requested approval to purchase a more efficient paper shredder for the police department from Amazon. Local businesses were contacted; however, they were unable to provide us with an industrial size paper shredder. Randy Powell made a motion to buy the shredder from Amazon for $624.00. Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Solicitor’s Report: Mr. Naddeo reported that the agreement with the school district regarding the school resource officer is still open. School Board President Larry Putt was under the impression that the signed agreement had been sent back to Naddeo’s Office. Mr. Putt will follow up with the school’s solicitor to see where the agreement is at.


Supervisor Ruffner wanted to know if there was any resolution to stop signs. Mr. Naddeo stated that they are still waiting for the descriptions. He has a resolution to adopt the ordinance; however he can’t prepare the ordinance until the survey is done.






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June 19th, 2018


Recreational Park Board: Larry Putt stated that he has requested quotes for security cameras to be placed at the Rec Park. The Rec Park Board will be paying for the security cameras. Jeremy Ruffner suggested that when they are getting quotes on the cameras to make sure that they are an IP based system because they are less likely to be struck by lightning. Mr. Putt stated that he when he received the quotes, he will bring them to the supervisors for them to review. Mr. Ruffner stated that he would also like for the township to eventually be able to review the security footage from the township building.


Mr. Putt also asked if there was anything that the supervisors could do to stop the dog problems at the Rec Park. Mr. Ruffner stated that with security cameras in place that might cut down on the problem. Ruffner also stated that he would like to see a dog park constructed behind the basketball courts. If a dog park was constructed, people would have a special place to go with their dogs, that way the dogs would be in one area. Mr. Putt also reported that the baseball scoreboard, which they purchased with the grant from the tourism authority, is working great.


Kevin Wisor is working on some form of business advertising signs to help create future earnings for the park. They were asking permission from the supervisors to put the signs up on the fence. The signs would be made of poly-carbonate which is less expensive and easier to replace. The price range is $50 – $60 for each sign. Randy Powell made a motion for Mr. Wisor to start working on these signs. Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Code Enforcement Officer Report:

The Code Officer also presented a request for approval Land Development Plan for Dollar General Store; currently under purchase agreement. Property Owner: Reed Ventures LLC, 3936 Shawville Highway Woodland PA  16881 Applicant: Clearfield DDP, LLC 9010 Overlook Boulevard Brentwood, TN 37027

Location : Tract of land 15760 Rockton Mountain Hwy, Re: Parcel K07-000-0131 C-H District. Planning Committee reviewed recommend approval pending all required permit documents are received prior permitting. Representative from Dollar General was present and reviewed the plans with the supervisors. Randy Powell motion to approve the Land Development, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Also a request for approval Subdivision: Same tract of land to be subdivided into two lots. Same tract of Land: Reed Ventures property owned by Cliff Reed. One residual and other conveyed to DGS. Randy Powell motion to approve the subdivision, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


The Code Officer also presented a Subdivision and Land Development Plan (2) lot Minor Subdivision.

Owner: Hawkins Companies LLC 4700 South McClintock Drive #160 Tempe, Arizona 85252

Parcel #L07-000-00162 C-H District,  Non Conforming Lot/obscure Lot. Tract of Land 3.17acre Proposed .56 Wilson Fisher presented the information. Joint parking agreement for land use parking. Requirements for Arby’s and Storage Bldgs to be completed to give adequate parking for all business. All requirements would need to be meet before permitting. Randy Powell motion to approve, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.

Randy Powell motion to move forward conditionally once paperwork is signed with permitting, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.





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June 19th, 2018


The Code Officer also presented a Subdivision/Lot Consolidation Owner: Rodney H Boalich J07- 000-00026 Existing 12.63 acres + 3.31 Acres  (part of Parcel 52 conveyed and consolidated to Parcel 26; For a total consolidated 15.94 acres R-A District; Subdivision/ Lot Owner: Rodney H Boalich J07-000-00052 Existing 6.52 acres; RA District  Wilson Fisher presented documents and information to the supervisors. Randy Powell motion to approve, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


The Code Officer presented a request for a condition use hearing for DayCare Services, located on 991 Village Road and 2124 Legion Road. Time 6:45 July 17th. 2018. Randy Powell motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


The Code Officer presented information from Bob Greenland pertaining to the roadway on Leonard Street. Mr. Greenland explained that the ROW is still on the deed and he plans to subdivide the lots and asked if he does that if the township is willing to take ownership of the ROW. He would like to take the piece off. It is in the back side of the parking lot to the right of Leonard Street. Naddeo felt it was not necessary and that the deed description may have come down before the road was put in. Mr. Greenland just wanted to get it all cleaned up. Randy Powell motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


The Code Officer reported that I2 more I/I violation letters mailed. Reminder residents contact code enforcement to review. Some confusion on the I/I and fines. Insure that the plumbers are following with the townships procedures.

Randy Powel stated that when he made the motion that the township is not paying anymore fines, he wanted it understood that the township is not paying anymore fines to DEP, the property owners still will be fined for not getting their I & I out of the Sewer system.


Roadmasters Report: The Roadmaster reported a notice to motorists that the railroad company will be working on the lights at the railroad tracks on Riverview Road over the next two weeks.

The road crew has started to work at the Rec Park: They are black topping, they still need to build a set of bleachers, and put up a playground set.

The DSA Stone Contract for Pifer Road should be starting towards the end of next week.

The Good Street Project is moving forward, they are just waiting on permits.

The mower has been in the Glen Richey area and will be moving to the Industrial Park area soon. The road crew replaced the bad section of cross drain on Carbon Mine Road.

There are still some holes that they need to take care of.

There will be a road bond on Flegal and Pifer Roads to be re-opened as soon as he gets the paperwork done. He did notify the St. Marys Lumber Company that the third part of Pifer will be a new road after it is laid down over the next two weeks. The macadam part of Pifer will be tarred and chipped. Ron will notify the company the day that it is tarred and chipped that way they won’t haul on it for two to three days after it is done. The company is opening this bond up, knowing that there will be a new road that they are hauling on halfway through his bond.


Supervisor Randy Powell stated that someone needs to be designated to the dump on Thursdays. He stated that he is happy that residents are using the compost site, but it fills up fast. Ron will make sure that someone is at the compost site on Thursdays.





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June 19th, 2018


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: McDonald’s will have a Community Appreciation Event at their 1007 S Second Street Location from 11 – 2 pm on June 30, 2018. Prizes such as gift cards and amusement park tickets will be handed out to their customers. A tent permit is in place with Code Enforcement.


Letters have been prepared for your approval pertaining to recycling and illegal dumping. Clearfield County has recommended that the township submit letters to the State Senator and House of Representatives asking for action to ensure that every resident in Pa has access to convenient and affordable waste disposal and recycling. This will hopefully assist in stopping the illegal dumping that is happening in the township. Randy Powell motion to approve, Dan Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


The terms on the Clearfield Borough/Lawrence Township Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals expire the end of June and the township received two letters of interest. Don Shaw asking to be reappointed and Ronald Porter asking to be appointed. Randy Powell made the motion to approve reappointing Don Shaw and appointing Ron Porter with the terms to run until June 30th, 2021, Dan Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Tar and chipping bids was received by Jefferson Paving and Russell Standard Corp. Suit Cote declined to bid. The bids were as follows:

Jefferson Paving     $70,248.38, Unit Price $2.57

Russell Standard Corp   $76,070.52, Unit Price $2.783

Randy made the motion that he bid be awarded to Jefferson Paving in the amount of $70,248.38. Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed


Supervisors’ Report: Supervisor Ruffner encouraged everyone to attend the Fire Co. 50th Anniversary Celebration at Glen Richey over the weekend.


Daniel Mitchell: Supervisor Mitchell reported that (8) applications had been received for the seasonal road crew positions. Daniel Mitchell made the motion to hire Daniel Smeal, Ryan Blake and Randy Walker as long as their clearances are legit, Randy Powell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Member of the audience, Arnold Swales, asked if the two seasonal workers that we have now would be bumped to full-time. Supervisor Powell stated that they couldn’t make any decisions until Rick Turner’s retirement is official


Randy Powell: Supervisor Powell asked Mr. Swales what area smoke testing will be done next. Mr. Swales stated that they will be in Kerr Addition. Mr. Swales would like a member from the township to assist with this smoke testing.


Randy Powell motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of $120,499.01, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.

Golden Rod resident Dwight Thurston asked when a decision will be made on the zoning. Supervisor Powell stated that they would probably have a decision by the next meeting. Mr. Merrow asked if the prior discussion at the beginning of the meeting was all that the supervisors was going to have on the zoning changes. Supervisor Powell stated that the supervisors and code enforcement will go over the zoning changes again. They won’t make the zoning change, they will just come back to the next meeting with their suggestions.


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June 19th, 2018



Randy Powell motion to adjourn, Daniel Mitchell second. Meeting adjourned.



Present: Heather Olson, Code Officer Debra Finkbeiner, Roadmaster Ronald Woodling, Police Chief Douglas Clark, Solicitor James Naddeo, Brian Merrow, Wayne Smith, Larry Putt, Ray and Alton Lender, Jolene Hollabaugh, Kevin Wisor, Jen Sinclair, Kim Martin, Bob Gage, Bob Greenland, Carolyn Smeal, Dwight Thurston, Arnold Swales, Caroline Johnson, Jeff Corcino, Rebekah Graham, Shelley Spanogle, Andrew and Lauren Vezza, Jeff Spernagle, Ron Porter, Mary and Gerald Miller, Mary Soult, Janet Coons, and Wilson Fisher.





Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary








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