Regular Monthly Mtg-July 3rd, 2018

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
July 3rd, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George St, Clfd Pa



Chairman Randy Powell called the meeting to order.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Roll call of supervisors showed Jeremy Ruffner, Daniel Mitchell and Randy Powell all present.


Comments from the audience:Ron Porter commended Secretary Barbara Shaffner and Code Officer Debra Finkbeiner for the great job they both in their positions and working with the public.


William Bartholomew asked if there have been any permits issued in the area where the zoning changes took place in the Golden Rod & Rocky Bend area of the township. Supervisor Powell let him know that there has not been any issued to date.

Caroline Johnson presented a letter to the supervisors and read it. “ Rezoning regulation that diminishes value requires compensation for loss of property value. Conflict of interest-According to the restatement of Law Governing Lawyers, a conflict of interest exist “if there is substantial risk that the lawyers representation of the client would be materially and adversely affected by the lawyers own interest or by the lawyers duties to another client (current of a former client or a third person). The rezoning regulation should be null and void because our solicitor did not excuse himself from proceedings and his client is the beneficiary of the rezoning.”

Supervisor Powell explained that Mr. Billotte has never contacted him about this issue for the rezoning. He had two contractors that have contacted him in regard to the rezoning. What is between Mr. Naddeo and Mr. Billotte is not the township business.

Supervisor Ruffner let the resident know that they will discuss any other questions regarding to the rezoning at the workshop on July 10th, 2018.


James Hardy from Mill Road Fire Company presented a request to the supervisors regarding possibly refurbishing the 2004 Rescue. They are to take the Rescue to 4 Guys to have them look it over and make a list of items that need done and bring it back to the supervisors.


Daniel Mitchell motion to approve the minutes of the June 19th, 2018 meeting as written, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Police Report:Chief Clark reported that the School Resource Officer Program is working well. Officer Marshall attended the ALICE Structure training and is a certified trainer and can train the teachers, etc.

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July 3rd, 2018


Chief Clark explained to the public that if they receive a phone call from someone saying they are from the IRS those calls are not true. Also calls saying they are the Publishers Clearing House asking for money do not respond to those calls.


Chief Clark presented the Stats for the month and June and reviewed them with the supervisors.

Chief Clark asked for an Executive Session.

Chief Clark also reported that Police Officer Elliott Neeper is Officer of the month of June.


Engineer’s Report: No Report.


Solicitor’s Report:Mr. Naddeo presented the School Resource Agreement that was signed by the Clearfield School District and ready for approval and signatures of the supervisors. Randy Powell motion to approve signing the SRO Agreement, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.

Solicitor Naddeo had questions on amending the Ordinance # 2014-05 in regard to Definition of Real property and will review it with the Code Officer.

Mr. Naddeo let the public know that with the change to Ordinance #2014-05 it will be the Home Owners responsibility to have their sewer inspections done.


Recreational Park Board: The Secretary reported that the flower beds at the Rec Park have been completed by Mayersky Landscaping and he did suggest that the township also paint the timbers around the flower beds. The Secretary contacted the Rec Board President to see if he could get volunteers.


Code Enforcement Officer:The Code Officer explained that there are three car washes in the township owned by Collins Rainbow Car Wash and they are asking permission to install meters on their lines to offset the Sanitary Sewer Surcharge. Randy Powell motion to approve Rainbow Car Wash to purchase their own meters and install and a letter sent to Clearfield Municipal Authority for approval, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.

The Code Officer asked for approval to proceed with fines on blight properties that are not responding with correction action plans. Randy Powell motion to go back and fine those that don’t comply, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


The Code Officer reminded property owners with the I & I of the deadlines and ask that they respond to the letters that have been sent out.


The Code Officer also explained that with the change in the Fireworks Law residents do not need a permit, but they need to understand that it is still their responsibility if there is a fall out and the liability would come back to them.



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July 3rd, 2018


Randy Powell motion to change the sign ordinance that if anyone post a sign, like a yard sale sign, etc it must be remove after 72 hours, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Roadmaster’s Report: No Report.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:


The Secretary/Treasurer reported that the township received the 2018 Act 13 Funds in the amount of 366,921.74 which is 66,921.74 more than budgeted.



The Secretary/Treasurer also reported that the township also received the 2018 County Aid in the amount of 10,721.13.


The Secretary reported that the Contractor that is doing the DSA project on Pifer Road is scheduled for July 6th, 2018, which is Friday, and they will have the road closed temporarily during the project.


The Secretary was contacted by Tel-Power regarding the Battery Backup for two traffic signals and the cost to refurbish the current ones would be 1,400.00 each with only a 90-day warranty. New ones would be a little under 1,900.00 each and would have a 1-year warranty. Randy Powell motion to table to next township meeting, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


The Secretary asked permission to pay Richard Turner his Pension Funds once the total has been calculated. Jeremy Ruffner motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


The Secretary/Treasurer also submitted Budget statements for the first six months of 2018 for the supervisor’s review.


The Secretary received a request for the Tour de Susquehanna bicycle race that will be held on Sunday, September 2nd, 2018. Randy Powell motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Representatives from Pennmark presented information to the supervisors pertaining to their agreement of sale for the Clearfield Mall that they are purchasing. They intend on doing general cleaning of the property with the project being approximately ½ million


Supervisor’s Report:Jeremy Ruffner reported that the new email is now active and the current emails will also stay active to give everyone a chance to get information switched.



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July 3rd, 2018


Daniel Mitchell: No Report.


Randy Powell: Supervisor Powell received a letter from Penndot in regard to the cost sharing of cost for any changes needed to the township sanitary sewer line located near the Coal Hill Road Bridge when they do the bridge replacement project. Penndot is willing to do a 25% cost to township and 75% cost to Penndot. Randy Powell motion to approve, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Randy Powell motion to set benefits for Code Enforcement Officer, Debra Finkbeiner, with 20 hours vacation and 7 sick days for 2018, Daniel Mitchell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Randy Powell motion to set wages for the two seasonal employees that were hired on June 19th, 2018, Ryan Blake and Randell Walker at 13.73 hrs, Jeremy Ruffner second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Jeremy Ruffner motion to pay the list of bills in the amount of 43,105.11, Randy Powell second. Motion carried with none opposed.


Randy Powell motion to adjourn to Executive Session for personnel issue, Jeremy Ruffner second.7:40 P.M.

Randy Powell motion to return from Executive Session, Jeremy Ruffner second.

8:20 P.M.

Jeremy Ruffner motion to adjourn, Daniel Mitchell second.

Meeting adjourned.



Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Code Officer Debra Finkbeiner, Police Chief Douglas Clark, Solicitor James Naddeo & Linda Lewis, Donald Read, Kay Lender, Alton Lender, Mary Jo Turner, Jim Collins, Shari Collins, Ron Porter, Keith Billotte, Pat Ting, Arnold Swales, Brian Merrow, Dwight Thurston, Caroline Johnson, Warren & Joan Bartholomew, Justin Bartholomew, Robert Sichelshel, Stacy Merrow.







Respectfully Submitted,



Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary



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