Meeting Minutes-Sept. 7th, 2010

Regular Monthly Meeting
Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors
September 7th, 2010
7:00 P.M.
Municipal Building
45 George Street
Clearfield, Pa

Chairman William Lawhead called meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Roll call of supervisors present: Glenn Johnston, Edward Brown & William Lawhead all present.

Present: Secretary Barbara Shaffner, Code Officer Zachary Lawhead, Police Chief Jeff Fink, Solicitors James Naddeo & Linda Lewis, Engineer Chris Dutrow.

Public: Kim Finnigan-The Courier Express, Jeff Corcino-The Progress, Peggy Amon & George Anderson, & Faye Flickinder who came in late.

Comments from the audience: Peggy Amon from 67 Country Club Circle asked the supervisors approval for her to put a storm line in to take care of her storm water problem and the township would take over and maintain the line once it is completed. The supervisors discussed what direction and how far the line would go. Because the storm line would have to go through a neighbors property (Tim Ryan) Ms. Amon is responsible to have the easement taken care of. Edward Brown motion for township to take over and maintain the storm water line after Ms. Amon has the line installed and easements in place, Glenn Johnston second. Motion approved.

Glen Johnston motion to approve minutes of the August 17th, 2010 meeting as written, William Lawhead second. Motion approved.

Engineer’s Report: Chris Dutrow presented Pay Estimate #8 in the amount of $280,077.70 to Maxwell Trucking for the Sanitary Sewer Project to be approved. He also let the supervisors know that the project still remains behind schedule. After a lengthy discussion pertaining to the percentage of retainage for issues of items not completed, William Lawhead motion to approve paying Estimate #8 in the amount of $280,077.70 to Maxwell Trucking, Edward Brown second. Glenn Johnston opposed.

Mr. Dutrow let the residents know that even though it is the contractor’s responsibility to water the seeded areas after they are planted, it would help if the property owners would water their own grass.

Mr. Dutrow let the supervisors know that the Secretary asked him to draft a letter to residents of the O’Shanter Water Line Project and give them a deadline for when they are required to connect.

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Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors

September 7th, 2010

Police Report: None.

Solicitor’s Report: Mr. Naddeo went over an issue with the supervisors pertaining to a previous discussion regarding the township adopting a Local Ordinance and approving the Police Department to either cite under the local ordinance(Which the township would keep the funds) or state law. Mr. Naddeo looked further into the Vehicle Code, which pre-empts the areas where there is a specific violation provided for under the motor vehicle code. This would only leave the township with parking violations.

Mr. Naddeo asked the supervisors to go to Executive Session at the end of the meeting to discuss the Police Contract, which could possibly be action items.

Code Enforcement Officer: Zachary Lawhead let the supervisors know that the agreement with Dubois City expired at the end of August and they would like to renew it by a month to month basis. The Secretary let the supervisors know that this could be an issue if it is not brought to the supervisors and approved at their second meeting then Zac could possibly be working in Dubois before the next meeting. He presently is working without a contract because it expired the end of August. Mr. Naddeo felt that the only way it should be done is if it is signed a month in advance. The supervisors asked the Solicitor to contact Dubois City about the agreement and the length of time of the agreement.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: The Secretary let the Solicitor know that Clearfield Borough also approved a joint agreement with Curwensville Borough for use of the Appeals Board. Mr. Naddeo is to contact the Solicitors and prepare any necessary paperwork.

The Secretary reminded the supervisors about the meeting with the Clearfield County Commissioners on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 6:00 P.M.

The Secretary asked the Supervisors how long she is to give an employee to reimburse the township for the co-pay expenses that were paid to Clearfield Pharmacy. The supervisors asked to discuss the issue in Executive Session.

The Secretary also let the supervisors know that she had another issue pertaining to the required Direct Deposit for payroll and would like to discuss that issue in Executive Session also.

The Secretary asked the supervisors if they were ready to advertise for Winter Road Materials and went over what was bid and used last year.

Advertise for 1,200 Ton (more or less) 6S Anti Skid Material

                      1,800 Ton (more or less) 1B Limestone

Delivered to the township building as needed.

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Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors

September 7th, 2010

Supervisors Report:

Edward Brown;No Report.

Glenn Johnston: No Report.

Supervisor Lawhead let the other supervisors know that he would like to proceed with the Paving Project for Hill Street and not wait until the 2010 CDBG Funding is available to be able to do all the streets in one project because we don’t know when the funds will be realeased and the road needs to be paved this year. The Governor has not released the 2010 CDBG Funding to be available to use as of this date.

William Lawhead motion to proceed with the design and advertising for the Hill Street Project, Glenn Johnston second. Motion approved.

Glenn Johnston motion to pay the list of Bills in the amount of $68,858.82, Edward Brown second. Motion approved.

William Lawhead motion to adjourn to Executive Session, Glenn Johnston second.

7:50 P.M.

William Lawhead motion to return from Executive Session, Edward Brown second.

8:20 P.M.

Glenn Johnston motion to authorize Mr. Naddeo to contact Michael Pezulla of Phoenix Benefits to obtain an actuarial consultation on the funding of the Police Pension Plan with expense not to exceed $300.00, Edward Brown second. Motion approved.

Edward Brown motion to authorize the Solicitor to select an Arbitrator for the Police Contract, William Lawhead second. Motion approved.

Supervisor Lawhead recognized Faye Flickinger from Poplar Avenue, who came in late, asking when a resident needs a permit to make changes on the outside or inside of a residence and how long they last. The Code Officer explained to her when one is required and when they only have to issue Zoning Permits, and he can give a one-year extension for a permit. She also asked about purchasing Code Books.

Ms. Flickinger asked how a house could be condemned for over two years and then someone move in and live there. The Code Officer will have to look at old records to find out when it may have been condemned before he can do anything.

Glenn Johnston motion to adjourn meeting, Edward Brown second.

Meeting adjourned.

8:40 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,


Barbara S. Shaffner, Secretary

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