Building Permits

Lawrence Township currently uses the 2009 International Residential Code and 2009 International Building Code.
Lawrence Township uses Pennsafe Building Inspection Services, LLC.  Their website is
For your convenience here is the building permit applications for the most common projects.  Please click the appropriate
application packet, fill out and return with any required documents to the Code/Zoning Officer at  45 George
St., Clearfield PA 16830.   All projects will require the Code/Zoning Officer to sign off on the project to ensure compliance
with the Codes of Lawrence Township.  Please use this sign off sheet for the  municipality sign off sheet instead of the
ones in the packets. Also when adding onto a structure or placing a new structure (garages, sheds, etc.) on property
include a site plan with dimensions from property lines and any other structures on the property.
For used manufactured homes and any other project not listed, please contact the Code/Zoning officer either
at, phone at 814-765-0176, or by stopping in at the Township Building at
45 George St., Clearfield PA 16830.
Lawrence Township charges $60.00 for building permits plus $3.00 for every thousand dollars worth of construction
over $2,000 plus a mandatory $4.50 State Training Fee plus the inspector fees.
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