Citizens’ Guide to Understanding the InSync Traffic Signal System


To Understanding the InSync Traffic Signal System

You may start noticing something different about how our community’s traffic signals operate.

We have purchased InSync, a system that uses artificial intelligence to determine the best times to turn the traffic signals green. By adapting to traffic demand moment by moment instead of relying on predetermined schedules, the system increases safety, dramatically cuts down the need for stopping at intersections, reduces traffic congestion and reduces your travel time.

InSync is installed (or contracted to be installed) at more than 950 intersections in 26 states. Independent studies of InSync in cities across the U.S. have proven that it brings multiple benefits.

Most importantly, InSync saves lives. By reducing the possibility of red light running, studies have shown InSync reduces crashes by up to 30%.

The studies have also proven that InSync can reduce stops on the main streets by up to 90%, reduce travel time by up to 50%, and reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 20-30%. This adds up for you in the both the big and little things. A loved one is safer. You spend less at the pump. And you spend less time sitting in traffic.

There are two primary ways that InSync works to keep traffic moving as efficiently as possible:

The Traffic Signals Work in a New, Nontraditional Way

InSync shares the green light time around the intersection in a more intelligently. Instead of giving green lights in the order you are used to seeing, it will give green lights based on the actual number of vehicles waiting and how long they’ve been waiting.

Due to this, one approach may get a green light twice, and it may appear to you that you are being skipped. Rest assured, the system has not only detected your vehicle but also knows exactly how many seconds you’ve been waiting. InSync can see and count vehicles from the stop bar (crosswalk area) all the way to the back of the pack where cars are just beginning to approach the intersection. Every lane with vehicles will be given a green light during a period or cycle.

Occasionally, you may be stopped at a red light on a side street with no vehicles using the main street. This happens because the intersection is receiving information about approaching traffic from upstream or downstream (the left or the right). InSync may allow the main street to continue getting a green light to accommodate approaching traffic.

(For more information please feel free to contact the township office @ 814-765-4551)

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